Adding the Spatialite GeoServer Plugin on OS X

Start by going to page and reading through their documentation. It didn’t quite work out for me, so I thought I’d be more specific and share with you the steps I took to make this work.

1) Get the plugin, the url given in the Geoserver manual is incorrect, as the plugin is not in the trunk of the project. Instead use the following command and/or url to download the plugin –

curl --O

2) Unzip the archive file –


3) Copy both the jar files to Geoserver lib –

cp gt-jdbc-spatialite-2.7-SNAPSHOT.jar /Applications/

cp sqlite-jdbc-spatialite-3.7.2-1.jar cp gt-jdbc-spatialite-2.7-SNAPSHOT.jar /Applications/

4) Install geos and proj-
sudo port install geos
sudo port install proj

5) Startup/restart Geoserver.

6) Add a new store and you should see Spatialite as an option.