Gustavus on a Shoe String

This July, my friend Thad and I traveled through Gustavus en route to
Glacier Bay. We had no clue about getting around Gustavus, so we
couldn’t play it cool. We just had to admit we didn’t know what was up.
I liked Gustavus, nonetheless, mostly because it felt like an interior
Alaska town, but on the water. The other thing I liked is that
it had a gas station, general store, hardware store, a pizza place, and
nothing more.
What else could anyone want?

This blog is not about that trip. Instead it is about the second trip to
Gustavus. Amy and her “sweetie” Ben, have a cabin there and needed some
help. I didn’t know what was in store for me, but I did know that I
liked Gustavus, I like to hammer nails, and Amy seemed like a good
person. So I met them at the airport and loaded the supplies and Max,
the dog, into the Cessna.

Max, hanging in his doggy bed.

Max didn’t care about the take offs, he didn’t care about
landings, and he didn’t care about turbulence…nothing made him look up.
Once we got to the cabin, he settled in to his favorite activity of doing
a lot more of nothing.

Saturday we worked on the cabin and at night we played gin. It was fun
but Amy was acting unstable. She got very happy when she won and very
sad when she lost. Ben and I decided that we’d play it safe and let her
win. I had visions of the McCarthy masacre, so I was glad to sleep out
in the bunkhouse. That night I locked the door.

Sunday I worked half the day on the cabin and the remainder of the day I
biked to Glacier Bay for a hamburger. It was pretty uneventful, except
I thought I saw some girls on bikes way in the distance. Cool, I
thought to myself. But as the miles passed beneath my wheels, no girls
appeared. Mirages maybe? Nah, it was more likely bears crossing the
road. Have I been in AK for too long? If mistaking bears for girls is
a sign, then yes.

After riding back from Glacier Bay, I headed to the pier to catch the
sunset. Not bad.

Gustavus pier.

The following day we finished up what we could on the cabin and got back
in the Cessna and headed back to Juneau over the pass near Point
Excursion. Now that was spectacular!