Replacing the Water Pump on a Range Rover Classic

Replacing the water pump on a Rover seems like a pretty common thing to do, but I had a hard time find a good description of the process on the net. The site has tons of great information, but oddly it was pretty devoid of water pump replacement for the classic. Since I went through this, I took some photos and thought I’d share what knowledge I gained.

First this is NOT a 30 min job as I read some where, but at the same time it isn’t as bad as it could be. Secondly, the correct tools are important for this job. One speciality tool that I would not do this without (I tried and failed) is a fan clutch wrench. I bought a universal for around $80 at Napa that actually worked. Also, you need 11, 12, and 13 mm wrenches and sockets (I won’t use SAE because it is redundant and unnecessary), a 36 mm wrench to take off the fan, and 1/2″ socket with an 8″ extension (sometimes you have to be flexible and be a hypocrite).

Okay down to brass tacks:

1) Remove the fan and fan shroud by first taking the four screws from the shroud and then using the fan clutch wrench and 36 mm wrench to remove the fan. Rotate the 36 mm wrench to the right to loosen while holding the fan clutch wrench in place.

Fan shroud removal

2) Loosen belt tensioner and remove belts from water pump.
Remove belts.

3) Remove the pulley in front of the fan. Time to use the fan clutch wrench.
pulley removal

4) Remove belt tensioner, which comes off automatically when you remove the bolts on the bottom left of the pump.
pulley removal

5) Loosen and rotate thingy in front of the far right side of the pump. I don’t know what this is, but it moves just enough to give you the room needed to get the pump inserted without knocking the gasket out of place.
pulley removal

6) Remove the pump by giving it a healthy whack with a 2×4 or, in my case, a log. Be sure all bolts are removed. After struggling a bit, I realized that there was one bolt remaining on thr far right attached to the thingy.
pulley removal

7) Clean old gasket material from remaining half. I was very lucky and the gasket stuck to the half of the pump that I removed.

8) Add gasket. I tried attaching the gasket to the new half of the pump which didn’t work. Instead I attached the gasket to the old half and after many tries was able to insert new pump without warping the gasket.
pulley removal

9) Install pump. Straight forward but must be done carefully to avoid damaging or warping the gasket. This took many tries.
pulley removal.

From here out it’s all previous steps in reverse. Finish off by filling up the coolant. You really don’t want to forget this!

pulley removal

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  1. Great post. I stumbled upon it when Googling. Thanks for the great pictures.
    I shared a link on my blog.


  2. I am really glad you found this useful. I would be in a heap of trouble if I didn’t have other people’s blog posts to rely on, so I thought I might be able to provide something in return. Thanks for the comment.

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